We use the power and flexibility of the Now Platform to automate the provisioning, monitoring and scaling of our Nonstop Cloud. Customers on the Now Platform in the Nonstop Cloud benefit from the ability to leverage the same operational capabilities that we use in‑house for their own enterprise automation.

We use the Now Platform to automate many tasks for customers on the Nonstop Cloud. We provision new instances using the ServiceNow workflow capabilities. We can create a byte‑for‑byte copy of a customer instance (a process we call “cloning”) for use as a test or development environment and add capacity to customer instances—all using automation.

We can ensure the availability of our customer instances using our advanced high availability automation that moves customer instances between the pairs of data centers in each geography.

Our operations teams use both DevOps and ITILv3 practices as well as the ServiceNow Incident, Problem, Change, Knowledge, Notify and custom‑written business applications extensively.