Patch Management

There are two major releases of the Now Platform each year. We also produce patches and hotfixes throughout the supported lifetime of a major release.

We automatically schedule patch installations on a per‑customer and per‑instance basis. Our multi‑instance model allows customers to request alternate dates for the patches to be applied. Hotfixes are also applied at customer discretion unless deemed mandatory for availability or security reasons. Your instance of ServiceNow can continue to be used during a major release upgrade, patch, or hotfix installation.

We perform continuous and automated scanning of our infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities or patch discrepancies. Any findings are first reviewed by our expert staff to ensure that the appropriate level of priority is assigned, taking into factors such as relevant mitigating controls. Published or identified vulnerabilities that initially seem significant may in reality represent a lower risk to our environment, as with all published vulnerabilities.

We also use the Advanced High Availability architecture to transfer customers’ production instances between data centers when we perform maintenance, such as patching, which further minimizes the impact to availability.