Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland is one of the largest financial services providers in Ireland and a cornerstone of Irish financial markets. The bank replaced legacy tools and manual processes with a Service Integration and Management Solution based upon ServiceNow. Now, they can deliver more efficient and cost‑effective service to internal customers by working consistently across all major providers, using a single source of empirical data to track delivery metrics. With a strategic service management platform that enables a flexible and scalable SIAM program, employees are happier and more productive. Colin McEvoy, Head of Service Transition at the Bank of Ireland said, “Using ServiceNow, we were able to unify incident, problem, and change management for significant ongoing time savings. Reducing this manual effort is having an incredible impact on our teams—we’re reclaiming at least 75 hours a week across our employees and partners alike for the change process alone. We’ve also greatly improved morale by giving employees the tools to do their jobs better and empowering them to provide better service.”