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Davivienda uses ITOM on the Now Platform
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An opportunity to expand and simplify
Founded in 1972, Davivienda is one of Colombia’s biggest banks, focusing on providing financial services to over 20 million customers across the country, and also in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and the US. Davivienda embarked on an ambitious strategy of expansion and acquisition in 2005, and now operates a total of 665 branches and over 2,700 ATMs, as well as an extensive online presence. 

Unlike others, Davivienda saw the pandemic as an opportunity; there was a chance to both expand its online operations and simplify its IT services. The bank, therefore, embarked on a process of change through its ADA project, named in honor of Ada Lovelace, widely recognized as the world’s first computer programmer. 

Limitations in administration and access
For Erica Berrio, IT Services Quality Department Manager at Davivienda, the main challenge ADA needed to address was a lack of real-time visibility into how IT incidents were handled within the bank. Old internal processes were only updated once a day, and the lack of up-to-date information meant Davivienda risked falling short on customer service standards and struggled to make effective action plans. Additionally, the bank’s IT infrastructure ran entirely on-site, creating a series of limitations in terms of administration and access. 

“We needed to use a separate process to extract data. This then had to be processed in spreadsheets to generate reports, making it impossible to provide real-time information on IT management,” explains María Riveros, IT Service Manager, Davivienda. “We also didn’t have a chat function or a mobile app for interacting with users. We relied on other methods to meet our users’ needs.” 

Rapid implementation and adoption
In April 2021, Davivienda adopted the ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) platforms. Switching to ITSM would have taken other businesses over a year; however, the combination of expert staff, the ServiceNow ecosystem, and the decision to keep the implementation as standard as possible allowed the first process to go live in just three months. 

“For the change of administration role, the process included training to help us adapt and use the new ServiceNow platform,” says Diana Granados, IT Service Manager Administrator, Davivienda. “The platform’s help center has communities and forums, allowing us to ask questions and clear up things we aren’t sure about, and providing effective solutions when we run into issues.” 

By the end of July, 11 ITSM processes had been adopted, including the service catalog, incident management, problem management, and request management functions, the services portal, and the mobile app. While ITOM implementations included discovery, service mapping, and dispatch management. problem management, and request management functions, the services portal, and the mobile app. While ITOM implementations included discovery, service mapping, and dispatch management.

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Bogotá, Colombia
Financial Services

The platform’s help center has communities and forums, allowing us to ask questions and clear up things we aren’t sure about.

Diana Granados

IT Service Manager

Secure, controlled, and easy
The partnership between ServiceNow and Davivienda involved creating a web portal and mobile application to ensure round-the-clock availability for users. ServiceNow products have also enabled Davivienda to streamline and automate process flows, digitize operations, and make the status of requests or incidents available online, regardless of whether staff are in the office or working remotely.

The bank now benefits from multiple tools available via a single platform, alongside continuous and efficient operation of digital services, all of which are easily accessible by users. All employees now have smooth, secure, and controlled access to the platform from any device authorized by the bank – even personal devices.

“The information is in real time. With just one click, I can see what is happening with incidents,” says Andrés Forero, Regional Management Center Supervisor, Davivienda. “Having immediate access to this information and being able to see it on a control panel makes us significantly more effective.”

With ServiceNow enabling Davivienda to access services from anywhere, remote administration, configuration, and updates to the platform are now easily achievable, and backed by the reliability of the cloud. The platform has also significantly improved the flow of internal processes, including a dedicated reporting module that is now available across different areas of operation in the bank.

A platform for communication and collaboration
Almost a year after Davivienda decided to adopt the ServiceNow ecosystem, the improvements are clear. The bank has over 44 parameterized requests with artificial intelligence being deployed by users. Multiple tickets have been generated since the platform entered production; it also has over 20 services and 130 modeled applications that support the bank’s IT processes and ensures that Davivienda provides an effective and efficient user experience.

Over 180 reports are now regularly generated using ServiceNow. These provide the bank’s IT and business areas with real-time metrics and information to improve decision-making, eliminating the previous dependence on other tools as well as improving the way information is presented.

“ServiceNow and the ADA project provide a simple and intuitive solution that can be adapted to the needs of individual areas and each user. They also facilitate automation and promote Davivienda’s objectives of self-service and cooperation,” notes Frank Torres, Manager of Service Levels and Processes, Davivienda. “ServiceNow has helped us to break down barriers to communication and collaborative working.”

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