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DB Systel uses CSM on the Now Platform
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DB Systel develops software solution for locker collection service




Stations in Hamburg for pilot


Days to design prototype


Deutsche Bahn plans to launch its locker collection system, ‘Box– die Abholstation’ at stations throughout Germany, starting with Hamburg.

Strong customer focus
Based in Frankfurt am Main and with 5,000 employees, DB Systel, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, is the digital partner for all companies within the group. The company has been supporting the Deutsche Bahn Group’s digital transformation process from the very start.

Smart digital solutions are transforming stations into attractive locations at the heart of cities. These solutions include innovative concepts such as the smart, multivendor lockers known as ‘Box – die Abholstation’. These give station users quick and easy access to their orders. ‘Box – die Abholstation’ also solves the last-mile logistics conundrum by removing unnecessary deliveries.

‘Box – die Abholstation’ is a simple solution. Users order online or in store, select delivery to a ‘Box – die Abholstation’ location at the station of their choice, and collect their items using an access code. Items are delivered to the Box by various participating partners. In March 2020, Smart City | DB launched the pilot with the Hamburg Box. As part of the pilot, smart lockers were installed at a total of 20 different stations and stops in Hamburg.

DB Systel has developed a customer portal for ‘Box - die Abholstation’ in order to integrate the participating partners and manage a range of applications. “The initial discussion centered around whether to develop a specific solution or use standard software,” recalls Maximilian Reuß, Product Owner for Enterprise Service Management Solutions at DB Systel. “However, we quickly opted for ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module.”

“We already had great experience of using ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) across the business and therefore knew that ServiceNow offered extensive out-of-the-box functions. According to the plan, ServiceNow, a SaaS solution which does not require us to develop any infrastructure, would allow us to roll out rapidly with a strong focus on customer needs,” adds Roland Radkowski, Agility Master for enterprise service management solutions at DB Systel. “We could therefore devote our full attention to our customer business and expertise.”

Mapping client structures
With the help of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, the DB Systel team was quickly able to demonstrate how well the system works. The solution prototype for the proof of concept was built in the space of just a few days. “All those involved were thoroughly impressed by the prototype, which meant we could get to work,” says Maximilian Reuß.

Two different applications were developed for retailers who want to use ‘Box - die Abholstation’. The first makes a check-out function available to retailers with their own e-commerce system, enabling their customers to select a Box at the location of their choice at the end of the order process. The second allows retailers without an e-commerce system to access the system via the customer portal.

“The beauty of it is being able to use the client-structure mapping straight out-of-the-box and then simply customize it to our own requirements,” says Roland Radkowski. “Customer management workflows, such as those for customers reserving via the portal, are also predefined. ServiceNow provides us with the workflows that support and orchestrate the underlying processes.”

DB Systel logo right
DB Systel
DB Systel
Frankfurt, Germany

The beauty of it is being able to use the client-structure mapping straight out-of-the-box and then simply customize it to our own requirements.

Roland Radkowski

Agility Master

User-friendly portal
“ServiceNow is unique in that it provides a user-friendly portal as well as the entire workflow integration,” confirms Maximilian Reuß. “And as a no-code platform, developing the solution was comparatively speedy too. It is in line with our approach of empowering departments to design digital solutions themselves and we are confident that departments will rarely need us during operation.”

The solution provides a number of self-service functions, including registration, reservation itself, and the integration of the check-out function. “The high degree of automation we enjoy with the end-to-end solution means that later, in the final expansion phase when ‘Box - die Abholstation’ is available throughout Germany, we will be able to map a huge number of transactions.”

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