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Global food processing company frees employees & HR via consumerized self-service


Increase in employee satisfaction with payroll services


Increase in SLA compliance


HR generalists’ time for high-touch and strategic activities

This global food processor with 20,000 employees sought to remove transactional work from HR representatives to allow them to focus on more strategic initiatives. Using ServiceNow, it automated routine HR transactions to allow HR personnel to focus on strategic priorities, and empower employees around the world to become more self‑sufficient.

Several years ago, this ServiceNow customer—a leading food processing company—transitioned to an HR shared services model with the goal of freeing HR personnel from repetitive, transactional work so that they could focus on more strategic, business-driven initiatives.

“Our HR generalists were handling everything from workforce planning to sending our PTO policy to individual employees. We wanted them to increase their focus on higher-value activities that would benefit both our employees and the business,” says the company’s HR Services Manager. “So, we created a shared services organization to take care of routine employee cases and information requests.”

ServiceNow helps company empower employees through HR self-service capabilities
To realize its objectives, the company needed an HR service delivery platform to track employee requests and standardize and optimize its service delivery practices. After evaluating different options, it selected ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. The HR Services Manager explains: “ServiceNow was the best choice to help our employees become more self-sufficient and to transform our HR service experience.”

HR Service Delivery was initially implemented within the HR department to allow the team to begin entering shared services cases and requests, and familiarize themselves with the system before making it available to employees.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery transforms the employee experience with self-service capabilities.

The solution was extended to employees following the purchase of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The HR Services Manager says: “ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery, combined with the HRIS system, gave us the employee experience platform we needed to deliver consumerized, self-service capabilities to our employees for the first time.”

ServiceNow Performance Analytics drives continuous HR service improvement
To deliver on the promise of employee self-sufficiency, the company needed a way to measure and optimize its HR services. ServiceNow Performance Analytics provided the answer.

“ServiceNow® Performance Analytics enables us to continuously measure the performance of our services, giving us the visibility, we need to drive continuous improvement,” says the HR Services Manager.

Global Food Processing Company
5,001 to 50,000

ServiceNow was the best choice to help our employees become more self-sufficient and to transform our HR service experience.

HR Services Manager


Data-driven dashboards provide transparency to service owners and fulfillers, enabling them to pinpoint and resolve performance issues. The dashboards also allow HR personnel to showcase departmental performance to business partners and company leaders.

Using Performance Analytics, the department can now track metrics, including customer satisfaction, timeliness, and backlog trends across its contact centers and service teams. These insights help the HR shared services organization prevent bottlenecks and resolve issues that affect the employee experience.

ServiceNow unlocks enterprise-wide productivity and boosts employee satisfaction in previously underperforming HR service areas 
Performance Analytics also helps the HR team identify areas of service underperformance. For example, while overall satisfaction with HR was 96%, the rating for payroll services was just 78%. Similarly, data showed that payroll SLAs were met 85% of the time, compared with an average of 93% for other services. ServiceNow analytics also give the HR team visibility into time-of-year trends. For example, they noticed diminished performance around the time W-2s were issued.

“With ServiceNow Performance Analytics, we closed our performance gaps by creating additional payroll request forms, automating payroll approvals, and adding more payroll content to our portal,” explains the HR Services Manager. “We’ve also updated employees’ addresses in our HRIS so that W-2s are mailed to the correct place. As a result, satisfaction with payroll services rose from 78% to 88%, and SLA compliance increased from 85% to 95%.”

Company plans to extend use of ServiceNow to strengthen the employee experience further
Looking ahead, the company intends to use ServiceNow HR Service Delivery and ServiceNow Performance Analytics in new ways to enhance the employee experience. For example, it plans to migrate its HR services from the HRIS to the more employee-friendly ServiceNow Employee Service Center, and increase the number of service delivery KPIs it uses to drive further service improvements.

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ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

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