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INAIL uses ITBM on the Now Platform
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INAIL increases data sharing to improve services to the public and businesses


Cases managed by IT


Reduction in accident resolution times


Reduction in request resolution times

INAIL wanted to support innovative services in a new contact center—making internal IT services, and the management of contracts for the purchase of goods and services, more efficient. Using ServiceNow, various non‑integrated solutions were replaced, simplifying processes and access to data.

An important social function

The National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) carries out an important social function which includes insurance cover for workers, the prevention of accidents at work, the treatment and - with the prosthesis center in Vigorso - rehabilitation of those who suffer accidents, as well as research activities in occupational medicine and technological innovation. The organization employs 9,200 people, and uses a constantly evolving IT system, essential for providing services to the public/users.

Improving organizational efficiency

The lack of integration between the numerous applications (contact center, service desk, application and system monitoring) made it extremely complicated to share data between different offices, negatively impacting the relationship between INAIL, the public, and the businesses it serves, leading to inefficiency and repetition of tasks. INAIL therefore decided to adopt a new integrated platform to make its organization more efficient and more compliant with process standards.

New services in just three months

In ServiceNow, INAIL found a a solution that enabled it to meet data requirements and quickly develop standard processes. In just three months, the organization therefore implemented Customer Service Management (CSM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) as part of the construction of a new multichannel contact center featuring a phone line and a new portal; it also adopted the Strategic Portfolio Management module to manage supply contracts for the Directorate of Digital Organization. Finally, using Field Service Management, INAIL planned the procedures for returning its employees to the office, in line with Italian government indications for Phase Three (from 15 September) following the COVID-19 emergency.

National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work
National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work
Rome, Italy

I am convinced that solutions such as ServiceNow represent an important tool in the digital evolution of public administration.

Stefano Tomasini


Greater user satisfaction

With the use of the CSM and ITSM modules, the number of emails handled by contact center operators have been drastically reduced. INAIL can now track and classify user requests promptly and automatically. For example, thanks to CSM, it has been possible to create a service for collecting information on the health status of COVID-19 sufferers for use by INAIL doctors. The adoption of ITBM and ITSM has made internal Directorate for Digital Organization process management more efficient, allowing all organizational roles to share operational data.

A more standardized organization

The ServiceNow platform has also helped INAIL to restructure its organization in line with established IT organizational standards. In the near future, the organization intends to expand the use of the ServiceNow solutions already adopted and also to introduce IT Operations Management (ITOM) in its service control room.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

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