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Omnitracs uses ITOM on the Now Platform
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Omnitracs moves to the cloud with ServiceNow as the core IT platform for a single source of truth


Reduction in incidents impacting customers


Reduction in time required to resolve incidents


Truck miles monitored every week worldwide

Omnitracs wanted to unify the business on a single IT platform to achieve control, structure and stability—providing a single version of the truth. Partnering with ServiceNow dedicated IT professionals, they deployed the Now Platform from the ground up.

Transforming trucking and transportation

The trucking and transportation industry has been transformed by technology. Every minute counts in this highly competitive environment and big logistics businesses need to be certain that deliveries will be made precisely on time, to the correct location. They also need to know that their vehicles are running efficiently and following the best route, that drivers and other road users are safe, and that impacts on the environment are minimized.

For more than 30 years Omnitracs has led the way in the development of highly sophisticated, world-class telematics systems that are providing unprecedented levels of control and visibility of the performance of large vehicle fleets.

Omnitracs has transformed the highly competitive global trucking and transportation industry, with 13,000 organizations in 70 countries using its market-leading fleet management solutions. Its Software-as-a-Service provides unprecedented levels of live data, now including in-cab video, and forensic analytics.

This enables comprehensive control over vehicle performance, routes, and schedules, maximizing efficiencies, reducing fuel consumption, keeping drivers and other road users safe, and reducing environmental impacts. Every week Omnitracs solutions calculate half a million routes and monitor 240 million truck miles worldwide.

Achieving control, structure, and stability

As the company’s IT ecosystem continued to grow in complexity, Omnitracs realized that on-premise processing power was quickly becoming insufficient and a move to the cloud was essential.

Planned and executed correctly, this would provide the ideal foundations for the next phase of the business’s growth and development. Its IT executives wished to unify the business on a single IT platform, to achieve control, structure, and stability — and to provide a ‘single version of the truth’. They knew that finding the right partner, with the right technology, to accompany them on their transformation journey, was crucial.

Streamlined, centralized management

Omnitracs chose ServiceNow to provide that single version of the truth. The Now Platform is uniting its teams and equipping its people with the tools to write the next chapter in the story of a business that is used to leading the pack.

“We have an ecosystem of many complex IT environments, and to manage that ecosystem successfully, you have to have one central platform, one streamlined central management tool that everyone uses — one central source of the truth,” explains Justin Newcom Vice President of Global IT at Omnitracs.

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Dallas, Texas
2,400 employees

We knew that ServiceNow could be that central platform, providing the technology and solutions that would tie everything neatly together, and allow us to delight our customers both internally and externally.

Justin Newcom

Vice President, Global Information Technology

Clarity of purpose

Justin and his team built Omnitracs’ ServiceNow environment from the bottom up, spending time with each internal department in turn, investing in advocacy, education, and a deployment process that ensured that all 2,400 employees fully understood and supported the move.

Together the partners built a common internal communications platform, configuration database, and service catalogue, as well as ticketing, critical incident management, and change control systems. With a refreshed culture and unified ways of working, Omnitracs’ own destination is crystal clear.

Control and visibility

The Now platform is driving stability, usability, efficiencies, and value. Incident volumes are down 65% and the speed of resolution is up by 90%. Beyond the great numbers is a real sense of control and visibility into the performance of key systems and technology.

“Take our ServiceNow critical incident management dashboard,” explains Philip DeYoung, Global Director of IT Service Management at Omnitracs. “Anyone can see precisely what the operational status is of our product portfolio, 24/7, what any potential impacts might be, and what we need to do about those—and then share that information with colleagues and customers. That’s incredibly powerful and exciting.”

“The flexibility and breadth of the ServiceNow product is very impressive, and they have shown that they can support us as a business partner for the long term,” concludes Justin.

“It’s been a game changer in business development terms too. When we go in to see customers now, we have much more information about product availability and stability, so we can focus those conversations on strategy, roadmaps and how we can enhance the services we provide. Meanwhile, internally we can continue to enhance colleagues’ ability to access, automate and interpret critical information.

“We’ve already achieved a great deal with ServiceNow and it’s exciting to know that there is so much more for us to do together in the future.”

Lessons learned

Find the right partner

Omnitracs IT execs already had a clear idea of the approach needed to make their IT vision a reality; the success of the project hinged on finding the right partner. For Omnitracs, ServiceNow was the best choice because of the focus on long term perspectives.

Get end-users on board from the start

Taking end-users and internal teams with you on a journey is vital. Omnitracs invested time with each internal department, listening and responding to feedback to get all 2,400 employees to support the move.

Explore the benefits

Always explore the full range of benefits that a customer can expect to enjoy. This applies not only to Omnitracs, but to Omnitracs’ own customers. The service enhancements and the additional functionality made possible by the ServiceNow solution, help strengthen customer relationships into the future.

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ServiceNow IT Operations Management

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Explore the product that helps Omnitracs reduce incidents impacting customers

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