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Saipem uses ITOM on the Now Platform
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Saipem opts for ServiceNow as a strategic platform for global transformation


Average frequency of serious incidents per year (down from 2%)


User satisfaction with support request response times


Days average ticket lead time (down from 1.89 days)


Saipem embarked on a digital transformation to increase efficiency throughout the business—eliminating silos, and reducing operating costs. With ServiceNow, it has improved control over IT assets and operations.

Where eagles dare
In the harshest deserts or the most inaccessible glaciers, Saipem uses its expertise in engineering and construction to steer changes in the energy and infrastructure sectors, using innovative solutions. Always ready to respond to particularly challenging situations in difficult conditions, the multinational embarked on a process of change to improve the efficiency of processes linked to IT asset management and beyond. The company identified ServiceNow as a partner and the most suitable platform for the digital management of internal processes. 

Around 36,000 specialists, supported by a network of suppliers and subcontractors comprising more than 20,000 people, and revenues of approximately 9 billion euros in 70 countries worldwide. These are the figures that define the global business operations of Saipem, an Italian leader in the engineering sector that boasts an unrivaled history of innovation and pioneering spirit.

“We always keep our promises,” states Mario Attubato, Corporate Head of Digital Transformation at Saipem, “even when the task seems impossible to others.”

A leader in engineering procurement and construction for the offshore, onshore, and drilling sectors, especially in harsh environments such as seas, deserts, and glaciers, Saipem is also operating successfully in the renewable energy sector. 

Digital transformation to manage the change 
“We needed to change the old proprietary IT Service Management software,” recalls Gaetano Alfano, Head of ICT Services at Saipem, “and, after conducting a thorough review of the various solutions on the market, we opted for ServiceNow IT Service Management because it provided the best response to our requirements for change.” 

Saipem logo
Milan, Italy
Energy and Utilities

ServiceNow was best suited to support our IT transformation and other initiatives.

Gaetano Alfano

Head of ICT Services

Saipem realized there was a vital need to improve the efficiency and transparency of several management processes in the IT department, but primarily in HR and Facility Management.

“In January 2018 we started working with the first module, ITSM,” explains Alfano, “with the intention of covering all IT-related processes first, but with the aim of continuing the process with a learning approach, the same approach that guides our core business.”

ServiceNow became an established change partner for Saipem when, after completing the first stage, the organization decided to implement the IT Operations Management, Strategic Portfolio Management, and Facility Management solutions, planning to go even further with the introduction of HR Service Delivery. ITOM in particular offers Saipem the opportunity to monitor IT service delivery more accurately, increasing visibility and traceability, while providing a holistic approach to IT management, helping to increase security and business continuity.

A single portal for service delivery
“Saipem was dealing with two major continuity issues,” explains Attubato, “one was organizational, the departmental structure, and the other was linked to ICT. The initial objectives were to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the business; on the whole, the change that we were facing was purely strategic and affected several different aspects. ServiceNow offered a model based on an innovative and technologically advanced platform, supplemented by a partnership arrangement that perfectly met our requirements.” 

Using a single portal, Saipem is now able to serve over 14,000 internal and external (e.g. suppliers) users worldwide for IT-related activities, approximately 6,000 users in Italy with the HR module, and approximately 4,000 for processes linked to facility management. The improved control over IT assets and operations has made it possible, among other things, to increase the overall level of security and stability of the infrastructure, while the digitized management of facility and HR operations has simplified collaboration. The improved control over IT processes and the digitization of facility and HR operations, combined with the single user portal, has made it possible to respond more efficiently to unexpected events such as the lockdown due to the pandemic.

After the introduction of ServiceNow ITSM the number of serious incidents recorded by the IT department fell to an average of 0.11% in the last year (the market benchmark is 1.8%). At the same time, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) satisfaction rating exceeded 80% for incident management and reached a peak of 87% for the management of support requests.

“It should be noted that many of our services are outsourced,” states Alfano, “and therefore we have always taken the approach of evaluating contractual SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in order to assess our suppliers’ performance. Instead, we are now moving towards an end-to-end assessment approach, calculating fulfillment times for service requests, to measure satisfaction among our internal customers.”

Thanks to the Now platform, the ticket lead time has reduced from 1.89 days (data recorded in May 2019 for the most serious incidents) to just 0.54 days (May 2020).

“Besides the positive data,” concludes Attubato, “the ServiceNow solutions offer the best opportunity to trace and evaluate everything in the system, making it possible to redesign processes based on the monitoring performed by the platform. It is for this reason that, after managing the IT and HR processes, we are considering further broadening the scope, primarily for Facility Management and HR for the rest of the world.”

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