A Q&A with Glacier : How to build a solid sustainability strategy

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24 März 2022

Interview: So verändert Covid-19 das IT Service Management (ITSM)

The pressure on businesses to act on climate change is increasing more and more each day.

Many organisations across the world are striving to implement more sustainable practices and do their bit to tackle the climate crisis.

But, it’s not always a simple task.

Without a thorough, company-wide understanding of the topic, it’s likely that any sustainability measures put in place will be short-term or inefficient.

That’s exactly why organisations like Glacier are on a mission to educate companies.

The self-appointed ‘climate rangers’ of the 21st century, Glacier gives businesses the power and knowledge to take tangible, action against climate change, and drive lasting change. 

In our 2022 Sales Kick Off, I was thrilled to be joined by Andreas Tschas, Co-Founder and CEO of Glacier to discuss what challenges businesses face when it comes to tackling climate change, how their company is making a difference, and the role that technology had to play in this. See the full video here, or read on to hear what he had to say:



Firstly, can you tell us a bit about Glacier and its aims as a company?

A: We empower and educate companies and their employees to take impactful climate action. Our custom-built programme gives them what we call ‘climate intuition’.

They end up knowing more about what to do and what not to do when it comes to sustainability. Right now, many companies out there are already calculating their CO2 footprint, it’s just a case of what they do with that information.

Without education in every department, once a company has calculated its carbon footprint, it’s likely to start another process, not knowing if that’s the right thing to do. Teams risk doing the wrong thing again, and repeating the cycle. Our aim is to help get every part of the company educated so we can avoid that.


What are the most common errors you see companies making when it comes to their sustainability efforts? And how can organisations make sure they’re getting it right?

A: There are so many companies who have a ‘sustainability department’, but unfortunately, it’s just so they can say ‘we have a sustainability department’.

Climate change and sustainability are affecting every department, every process, and every job. Take somebody delivering post, for example. When they get out of their car to deliver a letter, whether they turn off the engine or not, whether they use an electric vehicle or not, it’s all connected to climate change.

I believe every single job is associated with climate action. So, it’s not enough to have just a few people dealing with the topic, we need to ensure the whole company is educated.


What role does technology play in helping companies become more sustainable?

A:  I was so glad to talk to you and the ServiceNow team today, because workflows are a big part of it.

For me, I see decarbonisation becoming its own industry. If companies recognise what they need to do, and the increasing pressure suggests they will, they will be actively looking for solutions, and every day we see thousands of new tech solutions appearing.

We’re seeing a full shift towards sustainability, and we believe that the ‘sustainability department’ will eventually become decentralised. Digital processes can help make that happen. There’s a tremendous opportunity to improve on workflows at every stage of the process when it comes to carbon reduction.


What does the future look like for Glacier?

A: Last year we worked with 110 companies, and reached 21,000 employees, and we’ll only continue to grow. This year we’re looking to expand into Germany and Switzerland.

There is a lot of work for us to do, and a lot of potential for companies to do good in the process.


What advice would you give to organisations who want to know what they can do to make a difference when it comes to climate change?

A: A lot of our work also involves engaging CEOs. They’re important when it comes to sustainability strategy, it’s their role to understand climate action and drive it forward. What I recommend to all our top-level customers is to create climate intuition within their company. Doing that helps them really understand what CO2 is, what it means, and how they can help their staff understand it, too.

The most important thing is simply understanding the scope of this, and the various forces at play at the moment.

For help when it comes to creating your own ESG strategy, or advice on how you can sure you’re implementing a strong sustainability strategy within your organisation, head to our website.




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