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29 April 2022

Interview: So verändert Covid-19 das IT Service Management (ITSM)

We’ve just entered the second quarter of 2022, and with ServiceNow’s Q1 earnings coming out soon, it’s an excellent time to reflect on what we achieved back in 2021.

And what a phenomenal year it was. Despite the ongoing pandemic situation and continued disruption to our ways of working, ServiceNow has reported fourth-quarter earnings of $26 million on revenue of $1.61 billion – up from $1.25 billion a year ago.

That means we’ve smashed our target of 30% growth, outperforming Wall Street models, and the expectations of many others.

I’m particularly proud in my role as VP EMEA Central, as we’ve played a huge part in this growth. When I joined the business nearly four years ago, we had just over 100 employees. But now, with almost five times more employees in 8 offices across the whole region, we’re now very much a crucial engine for the growth of the entire business – and we’re not stopping here.

If you’ll allow me to oversimplify just a little bit, the key to success, really, is taking what works and doing more of it. And one of our greatest successes over has been the verticalization we’ve implemented in the German market, which has shown significant results financially but also in how we build relationships with our customers.

It works because, by focussing on specific industries, we can really get our heads around the issues that matter to our clients, rather speaking in general terms and missing the mark. It’s the difference between being listened to, and being really heard. That’s why, in the year ahead, we’ll be applying this same verticalization approach to Austria and Switzerland – the latter now a Tier 1 market for us. It’s a clear sign of the huge potential we see in these markets, and our continued commitment there.

2022 is not just about DACH, however: another key move for EMEA Central is our expansion in Poland and Eastern Europe. It’s our first official office presence in Eastern Europe, within a market that is essential to our future growth, and I’m so excited to see what we can achieve there – and in the other markets within that part of the region that will follow. Stay tuned for more on that.

As you can probably tell from this piece, my personal focus is changing just a bit, too. I have been General Manager for Germany since 2018, on top of my Central EMEA role, and while I’m delighted with what I’ve achieved in the country, the opportunities, and challenges in the wider EMEA Central Region have become a full-time job. That’s why I’ll be passing leadership for the Germany and Austria markets into the extremely capable hands of Robert Rosellen, previously our Senior Sales Director for Large Enterprise, and I know he’ll do an absolutely fantastic job.

It’s the reason for another shift you may have noticed – I’m now writing in English. It’s a break from the past, but – lacking knowledge of each of the tens of languages in my region! – it’s something I’ll continue to do as my focus shifts more to the regional level, to ensure I can be the most consistent, accessible leader our region can have.

I’m so proud of ServiceNow, and I’m so proud of our Central EMEA Team. We’ve achieved things I didn’t think possible when I joined back in 2018, and I know we’ll continue to break the mould.

So let’s get to it, and make 2022 an even better year than 2021!



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