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Telia uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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Telia transforms the user experience with a central portal for 20,000 staff


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Telia consolidated more than 25 solutions onto a unified portal to improve the user experience and productivity—providing a single entry point for cross-departmental support and service catalogs.

The next-generation Nordic telco

At Telia Company, approximately 20,000 talented individuals serve millions of telco customers in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Founded in 1853, the company acts as a digital hub, helping businesses and consumers stay connected to what matters most to them 24/7/365. 

Improving access to internal support

Like many companies with a long heritage, Telia Company’s IT estate was made up of multiple legacy systems and complex processes in the support and ordering area that varied between different regions. When staff needed support or to place an order, they had to navigate more than 25 solutions to find what they were looking for. 

“Our annual user satisfaction survey showed that people were spending a lot of time looking for information or filling in manual forms to perform simple tasks like ordering devices or onboarding new starters,” recalls Mikaela Lindén, Head of Service Catalog and Customer Integrations.

Centralizing support

To improve user satisfaction, the team decided to consolidate support for IT, HR, facility management, finance, procurement, security, ethics, and compliance into a central portal called PLAZA, built on ServiceNow. 

“ServiceNow has the broad capabilities we need to give users support across multiple departments from a single entry point,” reveals Christian Almroth, Product Owner for Development.

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Telia Company
Stockholm, Sweden

PLAZA means we can give our users the next-generation support and service ordering capabilities they’d expect from a next-generation telco.

Christian Almroth

Product Owner for Development

Boosting user satisfaction and reducing costs

The portal has transformed user support and service provisioning, and as a result, user satisfaction is now rated 8/10. PLAZA provides a central dashboard for users to seek multiple services and provides news and updates on any maintenance issues or support tickets.

Replacing manual processes with greater automation has caused a significant improvement in productivity, while consolidating multiple solutions into one platform has helped the department to reduce costs.

Modernizing the user experience

Today, Telia Company can give staff the modern, consumer-like experience that they expect. The team is continuing to adapt and evolve the portal to include more functionality and meet the changing demands of the business, and plans to roll out mobile functionality in 2020.

“With ServiceNow we can give users a seamless, consistent experience across all regions,” Mikaela concludes.

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