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Airbus uses ITBM on the Now Platform
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Airbus optimizes logistics chains with ServiceNow


Reduction in transportation requests

Reduction in reclassification of requests

Increase in productivity

Airbus sought to upgrade its tracking capabilities to better manage urgent and on-demand transportation among the company’s various sites. Working with ServiceNow, it adapted a business application to create an efficient tracking tool.


Airbus is based in Toulouse, France and manufactures aircraft at its numerous industrial sites located all over the world. The company owns approximately a hundred buildings situated in several different municipalities around the city of Toulouse. Every year, due to logistical requirements, aircraft components must be transported from one site to another within this area.

21,000 on-demand trips per year

Although these operations run smoothly in general, the company experiences difficulties linked to “on-demand” transportation. Indeed, every year, the company places 21,000 orders for on-demand transportation of aircraft components with its appointed transport service provider, Daher. These components are transported by trucks and delivery drivers. However, Airbus was faced with reclassifications of its requests.

A comprehensive electronic form

In order to improve its performance, Airbus launched a project entitled ‘Transport on Demand’, calling upon ServiceNow. There is a dual objective: improving the classification of transportation requests sent by partners, as well as real-time, end-to-end tracking of the logistics chain.

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Toulouse, France

In three months, ServiceNow developed a customized solution comprising a digital form with a bar code accessible within a workflow.

Increase in productivity

Since implementing the solution, Airbus’ transportation requests have fallen from 21,000 to 17,000 and the reclassification rate has dropped significantly. Everything is now tracked in real time. One of the keys to the success of this change process has also been the support of the two companies involved, to ensure that users adapt their way of working in favor of a more modern approach.

Thanks to the ServiceNow solution, Airbus has increased the productivity of on-demand transportation. The latest application update also offers even more comprehensive reporting. For example, managers can monitor the number of requests processed in the last six months, observe peaks in demand, etc., from a single dashboard. The group’s other sites will soon have access to the same application.

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