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Qlik uses the Now Platform
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Qlik elevates operations support with custom apps built on ServiceNow


Unique applications created on App Engine


New apps under development at any time


Realized in cost avoidance from moving one team to a custom app

Qlik helps business and operations teams become more efficient—connecting departments and streamlining production—using custom applications built on the ServiceNow App Engine.

Remarkable business outcomes

In a world awash with data, Qlik prides itself on delivering real-time data intelligence. Qlik solutions enable enterprise customers to turn raw data into remarkable business outcomes. 

For this to happen, Qlik strives to be integrated and egalitarian. Smart data must be within reach of any skill level. Qlik wants to be actively involved in exploring its own data.

Qlik takes the same approach with its in-house applications. It is happy to adopt the best of what’s available but doesn’t ever want to lose the appetite for creating its own applications.

Creating custom-built applications

Qlik likes to emphasize the importance of integrating data into a business. 

“Customers are at the center of everything we do,” says Dan Le Masurier, Director IT Service Delivery, Qlik. “Our processes are geared around selling our software and supporting our customers. Over the last few years, we’ve made a really big push in terms of support.”

In a competitive market, the challenge for Qlik is to ensure customer support is flawless. It wants issues to be dealt with quickly, and that all departments – from finance, to R&D, to sales – are connected and in the loop. For Qlik customers, support should be a singular experience. 

“We’ve been building custom applications for seven or eight years,” says Dan. “We now have 20 across all operational support teams. We’re happy to spend the time creating these applications, but we need their impact to bring value to the business.”

Managing applications from one platform 

Qlik’s custom applications are built on ServiceNow App Engine. The platform creates a digital workflow across processes, connecting departments and streamlining production. The business uses 20 custom applications, involving 280 users and on average 19,000 requests a month.

“Almost all of our backend support can be managed from the platform,” says Dan. “We can transfer tasks between different teams or departments, track progress, and apply consistent security rules. We can move issues along simply by reassigning them. In fact, the more we put into the Now Platform, the easier it becomes.”

The impact has been stark: HR estimates time savings of 35% on issue resolution; accounts payable has eliminated email requests through an online portal; and Qlik has achieved a cost avoidance of $162,000 in licensing costs since moving marketing operations to a custom app built on App Engine.

Dan says the IT Service Delivery team has “ten or eleven projects on the go, with five or six on the waiting list”. His team has to assess the merits of any new custom application proposal before dedicating time and resource. It may work on three custom applications in a year.

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
App Engine

We’re always looking to get more value from the App Engine platform, but we’re very careful with our build, test, and deploy strategy.

Dan Le Masurier

Director IT Service Delivery

Dan continues, “Right now, the focus is on building an end-to-end on- and off-boarding application.”

A platform for ongoing development

The engagement with ServiceNow goes beyond App Engine. The Now Platform is in broad use across Qlik, covering IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, and IT Business Management. On any given day there are 115 IT users on the Now Platform, says Dan. The Now Platform helps to orchestrate Qlik’s IT function.

“Many of our custom-built applications have since been superseded by ServiceNow applications,” he says. The original adoption of ServiceNow stemmed from a need to address a specific ITSM issue. Even at that stage, it was clear the Now Platform offered more:

“ServiceNow had a vision unlike any other vendor. We could see then the opportunities for involving other parts of the business. 

“We’ve learned from other SaaS deployments that you can customize too much. The beauty of ServiceNow is it’s out-of-the-box ready. We didn’t try and import anything old, implementation has been easy, and we’ve always updated to the latest version.”

Supporting remote working with mobile

Qlik is now looking to use the ServiceNow support app to track cases and changes. Dan says this mobile-first approach is now in Qlik’s plans:

“Our next big project will be to develop our own mobile app based on the ServiceNow experience. These days everyone is working off their mobiles, or remotely, whether that’s field sales or product support. 

“We’re just exploring the different requirements from different parts of the business – voice transcription or one-touch ordering of IT equipment. We’ll then prioritize and start work.”

Long term, Dan expects the engagement to deepen. The ideal would be for all departments, and all processes, to work off a single platform, he says: “That’s the power of ServiceNow.”

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