An executive advisory program designed to revolutionize the way your business works

The ServiceNow Inspire℠ program works with forward‑thinking leaders ready to reimagine their service management strategy and roadmap. Our team of respected industry and executive consultants will help change how work gets done across your entire business.

How We Work

With our proven and collaborative methodology, Inspire aligns leadership and teams behind your vision. We provide strategic guidance, the plan needed to map your vision into action, a prototype of your ideal service experience, the supporting business case, and an implementation plan and operating model required to achieve your outcome.

Discover the ideal experience

Our job is to help you find the "aha" moment — a clear picture of your business services reimagined. Through carefully designed workshops and interviews, our team of consultants will help you to define the results you’re striving to attain. We’ll understand what challenges you face today, the business outcomes you want to achieve, and how to overcome any obstacles.

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Align and confirm

The Inspire Labs team — consisting of user experience researchers, designers, and developers — will work with you to understand the needs of your users and design their ideal experience aligned to your vision and strategy. Our goal is to help you prioritize what’s possible, turn strategies into action, and define KPIs for success, so you get the consensus you need to move forward.

Inspire Align and Confirm

Promote your vision

The Inspire program excites stakeholders and removes any barriers to progress. With a roadmap, supporting architecture, business case, and prototype of the end‑user experience, you can win company‑wide buy‑in and rapidly realize your vision.

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Realize your outcomes

Translate vision into reality. This is where we provide service management best practices, an operating model, governance guidelines, and a value baseline to ensure the transformed service experience meets your business needs. You’ll get more than a solution — you’ll get the outcome.

Inspire Realize

Customer Success

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Designing a Workplace of the Future

A Forbes Global 200 company had a mission: to reimagine their technology and reinvigorate their processes. Eager to lead this vision, the CIO wanted to replace their outdated, costly IT Service Management system — while also addressing mounting pressure to reduce expenses and drive greater efficiency across the board.

Inspire collaborated with executive, enterprise architecture, and service management leadership to:

  • Achieve alignment between business units and IT and provide a clear roadmap with defined success criteria to rationalize applications and reduce operating costs
  • Develop an operating model to support global enterprise service management and merger and acquisition activity
  • Provide confidence in delivering on a workplace‑of‑the‑future initiative with service‑based agility, efficiency, and improved user experience, while reducing operating costs by 5% YoY
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Establishing an Enterprise-Class Service Management Strategy

A Forbes Global 100 manufacturing company faced challenges with vendor independency, including uncontrollable costs and technology lock‑in with existing service providers. As a corporate strategy, they wanted to migrate to modern, less expensive cloud technologies and deliver an improved user experience to all of their stakeholders. The company engaged with Inspire to establish a global, enterprise‑class Service Management strategy.

Inspire collaborated with executive leadership, enterprise architecture, and service management leadership to:

  • Establish a global service management strategy and adoption of ServiceNow to support $80M in cost reduction and consolidating from 13 to 2 data centers
  • Identify transformational experiences to develop on the ServiceNow platform
  • Partner with customer governance team to establish a global rollout strategy, standard service offerings, and required technical governance
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Accelerating IT Service Delivery

A Forbes Global 500 technology company needed to improve IT service delivery across multiple business units. The Inspire team — consisting of seasoned enterprise architects, strategists, and value engineers — met with executives, IT professionals, and engineers to help them revamp their strategy and deliver results.

Inspire worked with the technology company to:

  • Establish a roadmap for driving success and excellence in the delivery of IT services across the organization
  • Increase staff productivity through automation and governance
  • Provide a roadmap and oversight on execution of a multi‑tool technology consolidation, resulting in: three million in cost savings, 10% reduction in call‑wrap volume, and 15% decrease in mean time to resolution and mean time between failures

Find your inspiration and achieve your ideal service experience.