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Telia uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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The AA delivers user-friendly support with EvITa




Unique biweekly users


Weeks from decision to release

The AA implemented a chatbot to answer basic queries and provide 24/7 support to users—creating a multi-channel, fit-for-purpose chatbot.

Roadside assistance throughout the UK

Founded in 1905, The AA is the UK’s largest motoring organization. It provides emergency roadside assistance and breakdown cover, vehicle insurance, loans, and travel advice to its 15 million members. It employs approximately 7,500 people, including both office staff and its mobile workforce.

Providing 24/7 support to staff

The AA provides 24/7 breakdown cover for customers and insurance services through its contact center, but the IT internal service desk is only open until 8pm. “We needed 24/7 IT support to match our users’ working hours without having to staff a hotline,” explains Katie Jansons, IT Service Manager for The AA.

Patrol staff have mobile devices to help them better serve customers at the roadside. Without round the clock IT support, however, small IT issues could impact the user’s ability to do their job.

A virtual agent for common queries 

The company decided to implement a chatbot to help staff self-serve for common queries. EvITa is underpinned by ServiceNow Virtual Agent and provides first line responses for IT and HR issues, such as password resets and how to report sickness.

The IT team worked to identify common issues and configured EvITa with information and links to help solve issues without having to reach out to the service desk.

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The AA
The AA

ServiceNow worked with us to make our implementation a success. Getting it right from day one was key to promote user adoption.

Katie Jansons

IT Service Manager

Solving problems faster

Approximately 135 unique biweekly users now have better access to information and can solve issues faster, meaning less downtime and fewer calls to the service desk.

EvITa’s user-friendly interface and relevant responses have resulted in positive user adoption. The chatbot is accessible via mobile and is being released on the company’s intranet to keep users updated on appointments.

Streamlining homeworking during COVID-19

Rolling out the chatbot in April 2020 proved to be a smart business decision, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it helped office workers to set up their kit at home quickly and easily. 

“Lockdown was a really good example of the value of EvITA – we could provide IT and health advice to workers to keep them productive without overloading the service desk,” comments Katie. “ServiceNow means we can have more valuable interactions and optimize support to keep the team happy and productive 24/7.”

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