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Banqsoft transforms its customer service experience using ServiceNow


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Banqsoft is a leading provider of financial software in the Nordics, offering technology solutions to more than 60 retail banks, consumer finance providers, and asset finance companies. ServiceNow has played an integral role in enabling the company to establish long‑lasting relationships with its customers and deliver excellent levels of service and support.

Launching a platform for global support 

Banqsoft prides itself on building long-lasting customer relationships
A leading provider of financial software, Banqsoft knows that excellent levels of service and support are key to its success. However, the company was struggling to meet its own high standards due to limitations in its legacy service desk.

Mikael Folke, Contract Manager and Technical Pre-Sale, Banqsoft, explains, “Our requirements had evolved significantly and the limitations of our customer support system were impacting the quality of service we could provide. Incidents couldn’t be categorised into type and the tool couldn’t hold all the information we needed to effectively process and resolve an issue.”

Banqsoft selects ServiceNow, dramatically changes the way incidents are resolved
With no planned upgrades and no support provided by the legacy provider, Mikael knew it was time to look for a replacement. He also recognised this presented the perfect opportunity to rethink Banqsoft’s entire approach to service delivery and customer support.

Following a rigorous tender process, Banqsoft selected ServiceNow® IT Service Management as its new service management platform, recognising that ServiceNow goes beyond incident management to support many aspects of customer service delivery.

Banqsoft customers now submit incidents through a self-service portal. The portal gathers all of the required details up front, using intelligent rules to ensure all mandatory information is captured.

“The change in the way we handle incidents has been incredible since we deployed ServiceNow,” says Mikael. “We have a comprehensive system of record with all the information we need to manage and report on customer incidents in a fast and effective way.”

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ServiceNow has delivered a platform to free up time and remove frustration and the team is very positive about the opportunity to change the way they work.

Mikael Folke

Contract Manager and Technical Pre-Sale

A ServiceNow dashboard gives Banqsoft the deep insights it needs to focus on business outcomes
This system of record gives Banqsoft complete visibility across all customer incidents. A common dashboard shows six key success indicators, including open tickets, resolved tickets, and how close incidents are to the SLA deadline. This visibility has proven particularly valuable when carrying out major software upgrades across Banqsoft’s global customer base, especially in such a heavily regulated sector where compliance is essential.

Mikael explains, “The sheer volume of information that can be held on the Now Platform has transformed our reporting and insights. We have a very easy way to view overall incident status, but we can dig down into specific records when required. Everyone views the same six indicators, which means we are all focused on the same objectives.”

ServiceNow Incident Management lays the foundation for Banqsoft’s service delivery transformation
For Banqsoft, the introduction of ServiceNow® Incident Management was always about laying the foundation for a transformation in service delivery.

Three additional ServiceNow solutions
A number of significant developments are underway that will allow the company to eliminate frustrating manual work, adopting a more sophisticated approach to customer service delivery:

  • ServiceNow SLA reports will eliminate hours of manual work every month. Instead of exporting data into Excel for analysis, Banqsoft will be able to generate SLA overviews and analytics in an easy-to-understand format at the touch of a button.
  • ServiceNow® Problem Management will let Banqsoft easily identify incidents with the same root cause and take action to prevent these problems from recurring. Instead of Banqsoft using Excel for extensive manual analysis, ServiceNow will do all the heavy lifting for trending, root cause analysis, and service configuration reviews.
  • ServiceNow® Change Management, with its proven ITIL practices and workflows, will allow Banqsoft to manage its change processes effectively in customer-focused projects.

ServiceNow helps Banqsoft remove uncertainty with requests and greatly improves processes
Banqsoft is also planning to introduce ServiceNow® Customer Service Management (CSM) and anticipates it will deliver significant commercial value.

“With ServiceNow CSM, we will remove any confusion over what is an incident, change, or service request. This will significantly improve not only our processes but our commercial approach,” says Mikael.

For example, incidents—such as a communication line going down—are included by default in Banqsoft’s operational SLAs. However, service requests, such as changing system configuration, are not included in ongoing maintenance and are carried out by a separate team. With ServiceNow CSM, Banqsoft will be able to accurately assign incidents and requests to the right teams. 

With ServiceNow, Banqsoft improves customer service and keeps employees happy
“Through ServiceNow, we have combined efficiency with best practice business processes to deliver a step-change in quality of service for our customers. The ITIL-oriented platform matches our approach and the configuration options mean we can tailor workflows to suit our business,” explains Mikael.

ServiceNow has delivered a platform to free up time and remove frustration.

Mikael is also keen to highlight the positive impact the service strategy has had on the company’s employees, which he sees as integral to Banqsoft’s future success. “In a company where you are very dependent on highly skilled, experienced personnel, keeping them happy is very important. ServiceNow has delivered a platform to free up time and remove frustration, and the team is very positive about the opportunity to change the way they work.”

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