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Modernizing central government through IT service management

Digital transformation is a major trend across all industries and sectors, and government is no different. Government departments and agencies are looking for ways to provide faster, more effective public services with more transparency at lower costs.

Digital transformation is a priority around the globe.

As ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe told technology news publication Diginomica in October 2017, “I talked to governmental leaders in Australia, the UK, Netherlands, where governments are starting to have to go through the same digitisation process that companies go through.”

Yet not all nations, or indeed public‑sector agencies, are at the same level of maturity. Many don’t even have a clear strategy, with Deloitte’s survey finding that only 46% of public sector agencies had a coherent plan in place.

So, what’s holding back the late movers, and in what way can these technologies aid this digital transformation?

This research paper by CIO from IDG brings the answers to these questions and more, downloaded the report to get up to speed regarding:

  • Digital transformation – what’s at stake?
  • What are the barriers to digital transformation?
  • ITSM paves the way for digital transformation

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