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Alectra uses ServiceNow IT Service Management on the Now Platform
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Alectra supports M&A growth strategy with ServiceNow


Consolidates multiple legacy IT service desks


Self-service adoption by end users


Establishes enterprise-wide foundation for service fulfillment

Alectra Utilities growth strategy is built on mergers and acquisitions. To integrate acquired companies quickly and effectively, Alectra chose ServiceNow as its service fulfillment platform replacing multiple systems with ServiceNow IT Service Management with plans to extend ServiceNow to HR, facilities, and learning and development.

Alectra Utilities aggressively grows its business through mergers and acquisitions
Over the last several years, Alectra Utilities (Alectra) has aggressively pursued mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to grow its local electricity distribution business. To effectively execute this strategy, Alectra needs to onboard acquired businesses quickly and efficiently, breaking down organizational silos and creating a “One Alectra” experience.

To support continued growth, Alectra needed an enterprise service fulfillment platform that easily integrated new businesses
“We inherited multiple support systems and processes from different businesses,” explains James Ilari, Director of IT Innovation and Governance at Alectra. “For example, we had several outdated IT ticketing systems. There wasn’t a unified user experience, and the functionality was limited. And, because these were on-premises systems, we couldn’t just pick one and assume it would scale to meet future growth.”

“We needed a modern cloud-based service fulfillment platform for our entire business. That way, we could deliver consistent, intuitive services across Alectra—not just IT services, but other corporate services, such as facilities and HR,“ says James. “With ServiceNow, we could do exactly that, while creating a comprehensive foundation for IT that went far beyond ticketing. And, to scale ServiceNow to support future mergers and acquisitions, we only had to add licenses. We didn’t have to worry about trying to grow and manage an on-premises system.”

With ServiceNow, Alectra replaces multiple IT service desks, making IT service delivery consistent, efficient, and measurable
Alectra started with a ServiceNow IT Service Management solution that included incident, change, request, and knowledge management. 

Alectra Utilities
Alectra Utilities
Alectra Utilities
Ontario, Canada
Energy and Utilities

ServiceNow made it easy for us to retire our existing ticketing systems, so we now have a single pane of glass where users can access IT services.

James Ilari

Director of IT Innovation and Governance

James continues, “Internally, we now work as a single team that communicates much more effectively, rather than having tickets bounce between multiple service desks. And, because everything is in one place with consistent processes, we can now develop KPIs that allow us to measure and improve our service desk performance.”

Alectra employees now have IT services that are as easy to use as Amazon
Bill Schmidt, Alectra’s Vice President of IT, mandated that Alectra’s ServiceNow implementation had to be easy to use, referencing Amazon as a benchmark for its intuitive interface and simplicity of navigation.

“For our end users, we took the Amazon approach. Amazon is so intuitive that no one needs training to use it, and it’s the same with ServiceNow,” adds James. “Of course, we sent out communications and provided user guides, but that was it. And, the results have been great.”

“We’ve completely eliminated email requests and now have more than 75% of our incidents and requests come in through the ServiceNow self-service portal,” James continues. “We’ve had consistently positive feedback from our end users, and it’s made life much easier for IT as well. For instance, IT previously managed service requests using paper forms. Now, users just pick what they want from the service catalog. That’s been a huge win for us, both from a workload and an auditability perspective.”

Alectra builds its IT foundation on ServiceNow, plans to extend ServiceNow across the enterprise
Looking forward, Alectra continues to grow its ServiceNow solution, both within IT and across the enterprise. “ServiceNow® Discovery is next on the IT roadmap, which will give us an accurate, up-to-date configuration management database,” says James. “That’s the foundation for other ServiceNow capabilities we want to pursue, including hardware and software asset management.”

The team has already engaged with other corporate services teams, including HR, facilities, and learning and development. “We’re expecting to get one of these teams up and running on ServiceNow within a few months,” says James. “At that point, we’ll be well on our way to having ServiceNow as our overall enterprise service fulfillment platform.”

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Learn how ServiceNow helps Alectra Utilities support its M&A strategy

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