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REMA 1000 uses CSM on the Now Platform

REMA 1000 Norge streamlines operations with ServiceNow


Of man hours saved per year


Of cases automated


Faster process for discounting stock

REMA 1000 sought to simplify store management for its franchise owners, so it centralized operations and data on the Now Platform.

Norway’s leading grocery chain

Founded in 1979, REMA 1000 is Norway’s leading grocery chain. It is the first and only business in Norway’s grocery sector to operate a pure franchising model, and has approximately 860 stores across Norway and Denmark, 12 regional offices, and six distribution centers. Headquartered in Oslo, the company is wholly owned by Reitangruppen (the Reitan Group) and more than 20,250 people work across REMA 1000 stores and offices.

Disparate processes and siloed data

Keeping retail operations running smoothly relies on an army of stakeholders and a complex system of processes. REMA 1000 wanted to not only simplify processes for office staff and store employees, but also streamline store management and onboarding to add more value to its franchise owners. “For merchant change management processes, each of the 12 regions were doing things differently. It was inefficient, and caused data silos and poor data quality, giving us little oversight,” explains Jonas J. Lauvlid, IT Architect responsible for ServiceNow at REMA 1000.

Centralizing processes on a single platform 

REMA 1000 partnered with Sopra Steria to transform operations in 2015.

Today, the Now Platform is used across the entire organization and supports business and HR processes, task automation, case management, quality control, project and portfolio management, and GDPR compliance.

The team also built a number of custom applications using App Engine, including a chatbot to support price queries from store employees, and a digital signature app. An alarm system for quality control is also currently under development.

REMA 1000
REMA 1000
Oslo, Norway

With ServiceNow our whole business is running more efficiently than ever before.

Jonas J. Lauvlid

IT Architect

Greater automation means greater efficiency

By standardizing processes, REMA 1000 has made the whole organization more efficient and more productive. Automated processes have replaced time-consuming manual tasks, and the new merchant portal has saved an estimated 1,000 man-hours per year.

With the Now Platform underpinning end-to-end business processes, the company also has better access to data and a single source of truth across the organization to enable smarter decision making.

Putting users back in control

The digital transformation has put REMA 1000 back in control of operations. Customer Service Management enables users to create their own dashboards and reports to track performance, as well as identify recurring issues that can then be addressed. Smarter processes and increased automation have reduced average resolution times from two hours to just 15 minutes.

“Our partnership with ServiceNow is really valuable. The platform has great out-of-the-box functionality, but with a few customizations we were able to shape it to meet our business needs and get the whole business running more efficiently than ever before,” concluded Jonas.

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

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