Security Operations

Three current ServiceNow customers reveal how they achieved 45% faster security incident response and 25% faster vulnerability response times by using the prioritization, workflows, automation, and orchestration provided by ServiceNow Security Operations.


See the details on how ServiceNow benefits IT. Remove two‑thirds of service touches. Automate service delivery to save 4,000 IT hours per month. Consolidate service management apps and infrastructure to save millions of dollars.

Business Apps

See the details on how ServiceNow benefits any department creating apps. Develop business applications nearly 6 months faster than with traditional dev tools. Bring projects in house and use less specialized developers to cut development costs by 50%.

Customer Service

See the details on how ServiceNow benefits customer service. This study shows NPS gains of 10 percentage points in less than a year and a 10% improvement in issue resolution time. Plus, the company studied expects increases in customer retention and up selling due to better insight into customer needs.


See the details on how ServiceNow benefits HR. This study shows HR can reduce case loads by 50% through the use of self‑service. Also, automation can increase case resolution efficiency by 30%. As a result, HR can improve the overall employee service experience.

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