How Companies Run IT Like a Business

Get a framework and customer examples to help you evaluate the potential financial benefits of investing in ServiceNow IT Business Management and Performance Analytics with this August 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ServiceNow.

To understand and illustrate the benefits, costs, and risks associated with ServiceNow, Forrester interviewed several customers with years of experience running the IT Business Management and Performance Analytics solutions.

As a result of implementing these solutions, customers have been able to increase financial visibility, produce actionable business insights, and better manage IT resources and services. Examples of benefits achieved include:

  • Saving over $1M annually by rationalizing infrastructure and applications
  • Increasing business user productivity by 7,780 hours per week
  • Driving an additional 10% increase in IT service delivery performance

Download this study to evaluate the Total Economic ImpactTM of using ServiceNow IT Business Management and Performance Analytics to run IT like a business.

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