The 10 Habits of Customer-Centric Organizations in the Age of Digital Business

Learn how to deliver a customer‑centric strategy for your digital business

Innovative leaders need to drive new value for customers by embracing digital transformation and identifying necessary changes in strategy, technology, people and processes. “As organizations strive to become customer‑centric, Gartner has recognized a number of common behaviors that best‑in‑class organizations all seem to exude — not only on an ad hoc basis, but habitually.”*

Read this Gartner report and learn how to translate the habits of customer centricity for your CRM and customer experience strategies to:

  • Deliver a modern technology portfolio that supports your customers’ needs
  • Build customer empathy through integrated processes and policies
  • Establish customer‑centric privacy guidelines
  • Increase real‑time data capabilities to deliver an adaptive, proactive customer experience

Source: * Gartner, The 10 Habits of Customer‑Centric Organizations in the Age of Digital Business, Olive Huang and Jenny Sussin, 5 May 2017

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