Quick Start - An Overview of ITIL (Service Transition)

An ITIL eBook That is Not Boring
Your pain‑free guide to ITIL and Service Transition

Learning ITIL is like doing hundreds of pushups; one more push up will make you cry, or worse: fall flat on your face.

Do not fall flat on your face.

This ITIL eBook is designed to help you stay strong and get past it! You’ll learn about the Service Transition stage and everything you need to double‑check before services go live.

And like we said, learning the processes in this stage can be difficult, but don’t freak out. This eBook clearly lays out each step. You’ll discover:

  • The four processes required to launch new services and manage them over time
  • Translations of ITIL 2011 Glossary definitions (the digestible kind)
  • How to ensure new or updated services transition smoothly to a live environment

Happy reading!

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