An Integrated Approach to Governance Risk & Compliance with Service Management

Running Service Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) in functional silos has become outdated ‑ it creates an unnecessary competition for resources, redundant processes and gaps in visibility. With new regulatory demands emerging daily, and increasing public demand for effective risk management, the only logical answer is to integrate GRC directly into your business processes.

This webinar recording will help your organization get started with an integrated approach to GRC and give you direct insight into ServiceNow’s own internal deployment of ServiceNow GRC and Service Management.

Watch this On‑Demand recording to learn more about:

  • How to create a single source of truth through integrated GRC and Service Management
  • Reducing compliance complexity and streamlining audit processes
  • Case studies on companies who have made significant process improvements and gaining costs savings by implementing GRC and  Service Management
  • Tips and trick on getting GRC and Service Management started in your organization
  • Question and Answer session with ServiceNow Senior Director, Internal Audit

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