Solving Problems Beyond IT - ServiceNow Throughout the Enterprise

Thousands of companies have used ServiceNow to transform delivery and management of IT services. But those IT service management and automation solutions are only one use‑case of the underlying power and flexibility of the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform. A rapidly growing number of companies are using those strengths to create, deliver, manage and transform business services in areas as critical and diverse as human resources, facilities management and field service management.

Join our guest, IT expert Samantha Reed from REI, Inc. and ServiceNow moderator Alison Quattrocchi to learn how customers, including REI, Inc., are using ServiceNow to consolidate, automate and consumerize critical business processes and to deliver and manage modern, effective services across their enterprises.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How customers are building business services such as HR and facilities management
  • The imperatives driving enterprises to consolidate, automate and consumerize critical business processes
  • The evolution of IT's role from reactive infrastructure administrator to proactive driver of enterprise services
  • How a single system of record can enable and expand delivery and management of modern, effective services across the enterprise



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