Webinar: The Consumerization of IT Service

The Consumerization of IT has been with us for many years. But for many enterprise IT organizations it has translated to just one thing – bring your own device (BYOD) However, the challenge of Consumerization is now larger than IT and BYOD, employees are enjoying a better service experience in their personal lives ‑ one that includes ease‑of‑use, self‑service, anytime and anyplace access, social or collaborative capabilities, and customer‑centric support.

Thus the real challenge for enterprise IT organizations is not the Consumerization of IT, it’s the Consumerization of Service. Beyond IT, other corporate service providers, such as HR and facilities, are also subject to the same consumer‑experience driven pressures.

Watch this ServiceNow Consumerization webinar to learn:

  • Why consumer service experiences are raising the bar for corporate IT organizations
  • How the enterprise IT organization can improve its service experience to better meet employee expectations
  • How the IT organization can also help other corporate service providers to raise their "game"
  • How ServiceNow customers have already risen to the challenge of Consumerization



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