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From Concept to Deployment - Custom Apps in About 10 Hours

ServiceNow customers have been a long‑standing source of inspiration for ServiceNow, and other customers, creating innovative applications on the ServiceNow platform to address unique business needs.

The ServiceNow CreateNow Hackathon, held at our recent Knowledge13 conference, was designed to do demonstrate the flexibility of ServiceNow combined with the creativity of our customers. We removed business constraints and allowed the ServiceNow citizen developers the opportunity to create "anything" they wanted on the Service Automation Platform.

Join us for a virtual glimpse into what transpired at the CreateNow Hackathon. Hear about and see some of the amazing applications that were created during the hackathon – including a virtual casino, a restaurant booking application and a crowd‑sourced idea exchange – each created from the ground up in less than eleven hours!

We'll even be joined by a couple of the CreateNow customer participants ‑ Adam Mason and Robert Fedoruk will share their experiences and provide insight into what they took away from the event.



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