How to Measure IT Asset Management Operational Efficiency

This Webinar will examine how IT organizations are addressing the growing need to become more dynamically aware of their financial performance from multiple dimensions. Traditional silos in IT asset management, ITSM and IT business management need to integrate and work together if IT is ever to emerge as a transparent business partner for digital transformation.

This webinar draws on current EMA research to explore:

  • Strategies and metrics for measuring and optimizing IT operational efficiency across all domains.
  • How “Next‑Generation Asset Management,” or optimizing IT assets as performing entities in support of service delivery, is beginning to replace traditional, siloed approaches to ITAM and software asset management (SAM).
  • How capabilities, such as service catalogs, portals, CMDBs and application dependency mapping are taking on a new life and new relevance. 
  • The impacts of digital transformation on optimizing IT for cost and value.
  • A recipe for success to leveraging ServiceNow for optimizing IT financial performance in the digital age.

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