ServiceNow Express: How Yarde Metals Consolidated to a Single ITSM Solution

It’s like the age‑old joke about how many people it takes to screw in a light bulb. For IT professionals, the joke is not very funny when they count how many tools it takes to open and close a service ticket.

Not too long ago, Yarde Metals were experiencing this issue first hand. They were using email, spreadsheets, and SharePoint folders to manage their IT requests, incidents, knowledge, asset tracking, and reporting.  In this webinar, Shawn Dell, the IT Operations Manager at Yarde Metals, will share how they consolidated all of these functions into a single, cloud‑based ITSM solution, enabling them to lower resolution times, improve employee productivity, and prepare for future growth. 

By watching this On‑Demand webinar, you will learn how Yarde Metals have been able to:

  • Consolidate and publish IT knowledge articles from multiple sources for company‑wide usage
  • Provide real‑time asset tracking with a single system of record
  • Enable a self‑service portal with automated request routing and real‑time status updates


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