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Identify and Respond to Security Threats Faster with Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow

Security teams today commonly use a combination of email, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage their security response processes. This leads to average detection and containment times that are measured in weeks and months, which can result in costly breaches.

The key to reducing detection and response times lies in automating basic tasks, identifying when threats target the most critical business assets, and allowing actions to be initiated from a single platform instead of dealing with multiple consoles or teams.

Join Tim Riley, Business Development and Francesco Vigo, Partner Architect from Palo Alto Networks and John Ferguson, Product Manager from ServiceNow to learn how to:

  • Accelerate threat identification by combining ServiceNow Security Operations with automated enrichment from Palo Alto Networks WildFire and AutoFocus
  • Speed up decision‑making with business context for security incidents
  • Reduce time to eradicate by initiating Palo Alto Networks Next‑Generation Firewall changes from within ServiceNow

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