Integrate and Automate 60,000 Tasks with One Application

How do you get 8,000 part‑time tax pros to deliver a high level of client service consistently—over 1.2 million times? Easy, you quickly build a custom application that automates and integrates the workflows for 60,000 tasks.

For more than 50 years, H&R Block Canada has helped millions of Canadians with tax solutions to meet their unique needs. Learn how they leveraged custom applications built on the ServiceNow platform to automate manual workflows associated with opening more than 800 stores in as little as three weeks – with just one and a half full‑time technical resources and positively impacting the company's bottom line.

Watch this On Demand webinar to discover how easy it was for H&R Block to:

  • Establish reporting on vital customer service metrics
  • Build and maintain powerful analytics to track milestones
  • Develop highly efficient process workflows for repeatable success

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