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Invite Your Legal Team to See How Service Management Can Help Them Too!

You’ve already seen how service management can automate your processes, allowing you to provide an intuitive request interface and deliver better service to your customers. Now, you can offer those same benefits to your colleagues in the Legal department. 

Your legal team is responsible for providing legal counsel, practical advice and oversight to support business goals. Typically, legal requests are managed with tools like email and spreadsheets, which are inefficient and lack visibility into other requests and resource requirements. 

There is a better way! Service management allows legal teams to save hundreds of man‑hours and improve response times by automating their request processes and work assignments. Visibility into legal work can also be improved with comprehensive dashboards that show demand, work assignments, resources and status.

During this On‑Demand webinar, you and your legal team will learn how to:

  • Manage legal requests and automate work to gain substantial efficiencies and dramatically improve response and completion times
  • Gain visibility into legal requests through simple dashboards that help manage demand, assignments, resources and status
  • Create a one‑stop consumer‑like portal for legal requests to streamline workflows and improve user satisfaction

Be sure to share this with your legal department colleagues!

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