Webinar: Leveraging Business Management to Demonstrate the Value of IT

Most corporate IT organizations are under increased scrutiny and pressure to reduce IT costs and report on the business value delivered. After all, the business’ annual investment in IT has continued to be a sizable expense and business peers justifiably want to know whether their money is being spent wisely.

Business Management (ITBM) can help, and can offer far more than just financial stewardship. ITBM can help IT organizations to better understand what they are spending and why; to better manage service delivery costs, IT assets, projects, and suppliers; and to improve the overall governance of IT operations. Not only can ITBM provide answers to the awkward questions around costs and value, but it also helps to ensure that the answers are acceptable.

Join ServiceNow as we discuss:

  • What ITBM entails and why it is so important to IT organizations of all sizes
  • What ServiceNow customers have achieved through ITBM – the whys, the whats, the hows, and the realized benefits
  • Practical advice on how an organization should best adopt the elements of ITBM, including good practices and the potential perils and pitfalls



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