Making Better Business Decisions With Risk-Based Insights

Understanding risks and determining mitigation strategies are serious challenges for many enterprises. Disparate data sources, testing evidence, and control objectives make it difficult for IT to consolidate results into a reportable format that can be easily reviewed for audits. 

Avoid the manual audit “fire drills” that rely on spreadsheets and email. Instead, leverage automated controls of data that you already have in the ServiceNow platform. Then, use those results to reduce risk and make sound business decisions.

Watch this On Demand webinar to learn how your organization can:

  • Define risks and rank the business significance and likelihood of them occurring
  • Create tests to verify controls are followed ‑ reducing risk and ensuring compliance
  • Respond to control test failures and audit observations as they happen
  • Make audit observations with ability to assign remediation tasks to follow‑up

It’s time to take control of risk management.


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