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Making GRC Understandable, Actionable, and Auditable for New Regulations

Ensuring compliance to new regulations, especially complex ones, is time consuming. Just look at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Do you have the time and resources to do it right? It’s easy to make errors or miss critical information in the hundreds of Authority Documents with thousands of citations….and errors and omissions can be costly.

Join Lal Narayanansamy, from ServiceNow, and Dorian Cougias, from Unified Compliance, as they demonstrate how to use the UCF Common Controls Hub™ (CCH™) with ServiceNow Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) to prepare for new regulations and optimize your compliance, audit, and risk management resources.

We’ll be discussing how to:

  • Easily gain access to the necessary content for new regulations with the CCH
  • Automate monitoring of controls with ServiceNow GRC to detect issues in real‑time
  • Prove compliance with a unified GRC program that streamlines your control environments and keeps you on top of regulatory changes

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