ServiceNow Express: Knowledge Sharing is a Terrible Thing to Waste

How many times have you been in a meeting where someone says, “What would happen if Bob was hit by a bus”? Not that anyone wants something bad to happen to Bob, but all too often too much knowledge is trapped in the head of a single person instead of a documented resource that can be shared for others to benefit from.

Proper knowledge management ensures important information, processes and tribal knowledge flows freely within IT and throughout the entire organization. Utilizing Knowledge Management properly also helps identify common problems and issues to prevent future redundant incidents. 

The ServiceNow Express Knowledge Management application provides role‑based tools to create, store and publish this important information, while providing a single resource for all users to find and view details on common inquiries.

In this On‑Demand Webinar, ServiceNow experts will discuss the benefits of deploying an integrated ServiceNow Knowledge Management solution across the organization.  

Watch to learn more about:

  • How to capture, consolidate and publish company‑wide knowledge for optimum adoption and usage
  • Best practices for leveraging reporting to help identify usage and opportunities for additional articles
  • Processes for creating proper Knowledge Management workflows

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