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HR Zone & ServiceNow: What does a consumerised employee experience actually look like to staff?

Consumerisation in the workplace. It's a key trend and must be on HR's radar as organisations look to:
Tap into the digital skills built by employees in their personal lives provide an experience that allows staff to grow and thrive. In fact, consumerisation is a key part of the digitisation journey for organisations: without it, investment in technology can fall flat as employee uptake stalls.

This practical webinar will outline 5‑9 key parts of a consumerised employee experience, from the point of view of the employee.

Overall we are looking to raise the understanding of senior HR directors as to exactly how they can encourage employee satisfaction with digitisation, with clear practical outcomes they need to work towards.

Technology will form a key part of the equation as consumerisation is closely aligned with the general experience of in‑house tools and platforms.

Kate Wadia
Service Delivery Director
Phase 3 Consulting

Gary Kenyon‑Leigh
HR Advisory Solution Consultant

Jamie Lawrence
Managing Editor
HRZone & TrainingZone

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