Customer-Centric Cloud Provisioning

Looking to increase your organization’s competitive agility, IT’s value to the business, and end‑user satisfaction and productivity? Have your administrators been overwhelmed managing huge numbers of virtual machines? Do you want to leverage public and private cloud technologies to address these challenges but struggle to understand what this means?

Instead of asking what cloud means to you think about what cloud means to your customers:  Self‑service, flexible, efficient and reliable shared infrastructure serving up on‑demand services with a clearly defined cost structure. Understanding your customers and these expectations is key in understanding how to deliver on them.

In this white paper, learn about:

  • Why establishing a "front‑door to IT" is the best way to align IT with the business it serves
  • How IT Operations Management and IT Governance can be aligned to better serve your customer
  • How self‑service can be a pragmatic way to manage the proliferation of public and private clouds
  • The importance of a single‑system‑of‑record configuration management database (CMDB) in customer‑centric service delivery
  • Key metrics for a customer‑centric provisioning initiative

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