Scaling Agile to the Enterprise

Learning how to adapt to the new business realities

To adapt to an environment where change is the new normal, project management office (PMO) leaders and enterprise architecture (EA) strategists are adopting Agile development methods. But scaling Agile to the enterprise requires significant process, organization, and cultural change.

This report identifies best practices for taking on the challenge of bringing Agile methods into the enterprise and provides key guidance, including:

  • How to close the gap between “doing Agile” and embracing Agile
  • How to pick a framework and adapt it as your organization evolves
  • How to take a program or product approach to organizing Agile activities

The fluid nature of customer demand, competitive forces, and market changes has created a business environment of continual disruption. Organizations that can learn how to successfully adopt Agile methods will be better positioned to respond to these new business realities.

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