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Today’s State of Work: The Productivity Drain

Millions of hours of valuable work time are vanishing each year, devoured by the numerous and repetitive admin activities that burden today's workforce. 

Just how much time are these activities wasting? A lot more than you may imagine.  A recent survey of 1,000 managers showed they spend, on average, two days a week on emailing, requesting support services, filling out forms and updating spreadsheets.

While the services they're asking for (and delivering) are important, the manual, unstructured tools used to manage them make routine tasks a lot harder and more time‑consuming than they need to be.

Download the infographic "Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain" to learn how manual business processes are putting employee productivity on hold. The time is ripe for IT to challenge the way people work, and by automating everything as a service, everyone wins.  View now to see how you measure up.

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