Unleash the Business Value of ITSM

A ServiceNow White Paper

As Information Technology becomes the chassis of digital enterprises, IT is no longer a back‑office tech function but rather a vehicle to help drive the business. IT is being invited up to the forefront as CIOs align it with business needs.

As this transformation occurs, CIOs are faced with the challenging tasks of shifting and balancing IT resources from running the day‑to‑day operations to launching new services that lead to enterprise‑wide improvement of efficiency and productivity.

This white paper will explore how ServiceNow’s flexible, cloud‑based IT Service Management platform help further CIOs innovation agenda by:

  • Creating service visibility
  • Accelerating your service rollout
  • Empowering your employees
  • Automating your business processes
  • Harnessing the power of in‑platform data analytics

For guidance on how to embark on your IT transformation journey, download this white paper.


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