Water-Agile-Fall Is a Steppingstone to Faster Delivery

Understanding how to transition to more efficient development processes

While businesses widely recognize the potential of Agile methodologies to improve the speed, responsiveness, and quality of their software development, many are still struggling to integrate Agile into their processes for creating applications, websites, and digital products.

To bridge this challenge, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals can adopt a water‑agile‑fall approach, which allows businesses to integrate Agile development practices with traditional enterprise‑level planning upstream (water‑Agile) and with testing and operations downstream (Agile‑fall).

This report explains how to implement water‑Agile‑fall as part of a transition to broad Agile implementation. You will learn:

  • How water‑Agile‑fall, done right, is a bridge to true agility
  • How water‑Agile‑fall can be a trap
  • How to best plan for implementing water‑agile

Agile is proving to be a fundamental shift in how businesses develop digital and physical goods. But adopting agile immediately is not viable for most large organizations. But with the incremental approach of the water‑Agile‑fall methodology, you can successful transition to a strong Agile practice throughout your organization.

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