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Businesses often communicate via disparate SMS, email, and file sharing services that are completely separate from the system in which they track and process work. As a result, workers spend more time waiting for information and decisions instead of sharing information and making decisions quickly.

Get everyone on the same page with ServiceNow Connect. Now you can communicate and collaborate instantly to share ideas, knowledge, and documents. Connect lets everyone work together in real time to complete tasks and get work done quickly.

Connect and Collaborate

ServiceNow Connect Chat in Task

Connect and Collaborate

Enable Collaboration and Boost Productivity

ServiceNow Connect enables users to collaborate and communicate in real time, share ideas, work together, and make quick decisions. Requesters and request fulfillers can interact in a productive way while viewing real‑time changes and entries to the tasks they are working on. All information and interactions are recorded and included in task records for easy future reference.

Delivered as part of our Now Platform, Connect helps enterprises enhance productivity, speed decision‑making, and drive collaboration.

Make Work More Productive

Get disconnected people, processes, and information on the same page

Let people work together in real time in a way they want to work

Replace costly tool silos that nobody uses with a collaboration experience everybody wants

ServiceNow Products and Solutions

Improve Response Times

Spend more time on task resolution instead of chasing people and information

Speed up decision making with real‑time information

Address issues as they arise with real‑time interactions

ServiceNow Tunnel

Solve Problems and Innovate Faster

Communicate ideas and share information in real time

Simplify work interactions

Share conversations and documents in a single workflow and user interface

ServiceNow Man with Phone

Drive Adoption With A Consumerized Experience

Offer the convenience of real‑time work interactions, even from a mobile device

Provide users responsive support that provides real‑time status visibility

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