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About CG4 Asset Tracking

CG4 Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1999. The CG4 Asset Tracking software is an off‑the‑shelf, general‑release application that helps ServiceNow customers track their assets using integrated scanners, smartphones, tablets, and a variety of scanning hardware using both barcodes and RFID.

The CG4 integration with ServiceNow is certified for Helsinki, Geneva, Fuji, Eureka, and Dublin. CG4 has certified the CG4 integration with ServiceNow for the most number of releases of any asset tracking supplier.

CG4 has customers that have been with CG4 for over 16 years. CG4 customers range between local deployments tracking a few hundred assets using a few CG4 modules to global deployments tracking up to a million assets using dozens of CG4 modules.

Once you see a demo and receive a quote from CG4, the value will come together and you will feel right at home using CG4 Asset Tracking with your ServiceNow implementation.


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Region: Global
Countries: All Countries

For more information, check out the CG4 Asset Tracking website or contact