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About KPMG

Technology has the potential to change everything. By connecting ServiceNow's platform with KPMG's knowledge in service management process design, integration, and organizational change, we are opening up new possibilities for IT to empower businesses and their customers.

The KPMG and ServiceNow alliance can:

  • Offer a dedicated, global team that brings decades of experience and technical skill to help maximize the impact of your technology investment
  • Provide clients with deep industry knowledge and a robust suite of joint services
  • Reduce the risks surrounding complex service management transformations
  • Create cost‑effective transformation toolkits and accelerators–including detailed process guides and role‑based training–that allow you to take control of your platform as soon as possible
  • Produce comprehensive IT solutions that create lasting benefits and enable business‑wide evolution

We deliver transformative solutions that range from embedded IT asset management systems to enhanced user experience and sophisticated governance and risk frameworks that boost control and security.


Customer Service Management


ServiceNow Resale Territory
Resale Region: APJ, EMEA
Resale Countries: DK ‑ Denmark, TW ‑ Taiwan

ServiceNow Business Territory (Non‑Resale)
Region: AMS, APJ, EMEA
Countries: US ‑ United States, GB ‑ United Kingdom, AU ‑ Australia, CA ‑ Canada, SG ‑Singapore, HK ‑ Hong Kong, NZ ‑ New Zealand, DK ‑ Denmark, TW ‑ Taiwan

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