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About OpsGenie, Inc.

OpsGenie is an alerting, on‑call management and incident response orchestration solution that ensures faster resolution to IT & DevOps issues that have the potential to impact business. Trusted by development and operations teams in over 2500 organizations worldwide, OpsGenie integrates with DevOps and IT stack, providing the tools needed to design actionable and rich alerts, manage on‑call schedules and escalations, and orchestrate communication & collaboration during incident resolution process. Learn more at


What is this?

The ServiceNow Services Partner Program requires our implementation partners to register their services engagement projects. Upon project completion, ServiceNow conducts customer surveys on behalf of our partners with our mutual customers to measure success and gather feedback, which we use to continually improve. This display showcases a rolling 12‑month average score of survey results. Results are refreshed monthly, and eligible partners must maintain a CSAT rating of 8.0 or above from a minimum of 6 respondents.

How is this calculated?

The CSAT scale ranges from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest possible score. Each partner’s CSAT rating is equal to a rolling 12‑month average score of customer responses received across all completed engagements.


ServiceNow Business Territory (Non‑Resale)
Region: AMS

For more information, check out the OpsGenie, Inc. website or contact emel