Why IT Asset Tracking with ServiceNow Express?

“The more, the merrier” doesn’t apply to IT asset tracking systems. With our single system of record for all IT components, you’ll get a complete, connected view of your systems, networks, and assets, so you can identify and resolve problems faster. Now you’ll always know how every system is configured, who has access to it, and what’s installed on it.

Use a Single System of Record

Monitor and manage network computers, servers, devices, and software with complete IT asset tracking — no spreadsheets required!

Record an asset’s cost, manufacturer, serial number, warranty, and company‑specific attributes to simplify identification and reporting.

Even track non‑IT assets to support other parts of your business.

ServiceNow Express Use a Single Tablet

Discover Everything on Your Network

Rapidly deploy and scan IP connected device across multiple domains with an agentless architecture.

Flexible scheduling to scan daily, weekly or during off‑peak hours to keep your CMDB up‑to‑date.

Discover installed software applications, versions and license counts to help manage compliance and ensure consistency.

ServiceNow Express Connect Assets Tablet

Know Who Owns What

Associate hardware devices and software licenses with user accounts to gain complete visibility of assigned resources and costs.

View your entire portfolio of owned and deployed software.

Track entitlements, flagging unauthorized software for removal or new license purchase.

ServiceNow Express Know Who Owns Tablet

Manage Change

Strengthen change processing by tracking attributes such as asset age and lease expiration dates.

Quickly identify business service outages related to problems or incidents with a connected asset.

Easily view the impact of change through a business service map of related network devices.

ServiceNow Express Manage Change Tablet

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