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Problem Management

ServiceNow Problem Management helps organizations minimize the business impact of service disruptions and prevent future disruptions. Problem Management helps IT investigate the root cause of an incident through structured problem analysis, then document solutions and workarounds in the knowledge base. Trend analysis and periodic service configuration reviews also help to prevent future disruptions, and IT can right‑click from within any record in Problem Management to proactively schedule changes that remediate any issues.

Interactive dashboards allow you to quickly analyze your problem backlog

Problem Management

Interactive dashboards allow you to quickly analyze your problem backlog

Product Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

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Product Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Service disruptions happen in business every day – often with serious consequences, such as lost revenue, reputation, and customers. Problem Management aims to minimize these negative impacts by equipping IT with the best technology to standardize processes, perform root cause analysis investigations, prevent future disruptions, and keep stakeholders informed.

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Incident Management: A Practical Approach to Adoption

A constant barrage of walk‑up and phone call requests. Disconnected tools and poorly defined processes. A fuzzy view of how IT is performing. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time for your IT help desk to become acquainted with incident management — and find out why it’s the answer to your most pressing problems.

Increase Business Productivity

Reduce the time and effort IT spends resolving repeat incidents

Minimize service disruptions and their impact on the business

Speed resolution times by publishing solutions and workarounds in a knowledge base

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Proactively Minimize Service Disruptions

Identify and remediate abnormal patterns and trends before they become problems with built‑in reporting and ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Find and address potential failure points by periodically reviewing configuration item relationship maps and ensuring ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) accuracy with built‑in data certification

Man with Devices

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis Investigations

Determine the impact and potential cause of a problem with right‑click access to service relationships and configuration item health

Correlate problems with recent activities, such as the changes that may have caused them

Deliver superior troubleshooting quality and consistency using the Kepner‑Tregoe structured problem analysis methodology

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Improve Transparency and Communications

Provide real‑time transparency into operations with configurable role‑based dashboards

Give updates to all service subscribers through email with built‑in subscription‑based notifications

Knowledge Management

Easy, Guided Setup

Simplify setup and deploy Problem Management in a matter of days — not weeks — with easy‑to‑follow configuration steps and embedded help

Gauge your implementation progress with visual status checks; and get your implementation right the first time without the need for expert assistance

Build expertise on the go with product tours while configuring the ITSM solution to its fullest potential

Problem Management