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Facilities Service Management Icon

Facilities Service Management

Your business relies on your help to achieve corporate goals for sustainability, business continuity, operational efficiency, productivity, and cost control. But limited ability to see, track, and report on facilities service requests makes it difficult for you to deliver strategic impact.

Now you can manage, visualize, and optimize the cost of occupancy. Facilities requests are automatically assigned to designated facilities specialists or teams using configurable rules. Integrated reporting provides insights into volume, types of requests, and individual workloads so that facilities teams can optimize resources, improve preventative maintenance cycles, align services with company priorities, and demonstrate impact to the business.

Experience the Seamless Flow of Productivity - Make Work Life More Life Like

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Experience the Seamless Flow of Productivity - Make Work Life More Life Like

Facilities Service Management Demo

ServiceNow Move Interactive

Facilities Service Management Demo

Interactive move management

ServiceNow Move Interactive

Interactive move management

Benefits to Your Entire Organization

Facilities managers need a single platform to manage and maintain operation of facilities and help employees find what they need quickly. Many facilities managers use a combination of tools including email, spreadsheets, and homegrown software to manage the maintenance and operation of facilities. These tools may have been sufficient when facilities management focused on tactical operations, but today’s enterprise relies on facilities managers to help address corporate goals for sustainability, business continuity, operational efficiency, staff productivity, and cost control. With ServiceNow Facilities Service management, facilities managers can manage their work, communication, and reporting in one central place. Now every employee can easily find the people, places, and assets they need, freeing managers up to focus on improvements. 

Increase Productivity

Replace disparate communication and facilities service delivery workflows with structured and automated processes that speed service fulfillment, reduce human error, and ensure the right facilities specialist is engaged at the right time

Deliver an online, self‑service facilities portal that provides 24x7 access to facilities information and services, minimizes dependence on institutional knowledge, and decreases the number of redundant or repetitive requests

Leverage floor plan visualizations to help employees easily see if an issue is already reported or request a service simply by clicking on a map

ServiceNow Increase Productivity

Improve Insight and Decision Making

Leverage a single system of record to track and report on KPIs, deliver transparency into the performance of the facilities organization

Evaluate facilities resource utilization and the volume and types of service requests with easily customized reports and dashboards

Plan and optimize space utilization through reporting and visualization of the data

ServiceNow Improve Insight and Deciscion Making

Reduce Operational Costs

Gain efficiencies by using one system to define, manage and report on facilities services

Lower expenses by implementing automated and streamlined processes, optimizing resource allocation and maintenance cycles, and aligning facilities services with company priorities

Accelerate responsiveness and deliver anywhere‑anytime access with built‑in support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Control cost of occupancy by optimizing current and future space needs and reducing the cost of employee movement

ServiceNow Reduce Operational Cost

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